September 28, 2004

Fourth Grade Camp

This morning was a nice break...even though the weather sucked. I had all my 4th grade art classes scheduled on Tuesday morning...and this is 4th grade camp since I had no classes I drove out to YMCA Storer Camp where they were all engaged in various activities. I started out with some kids from Room 16 who were attempting to climb a 35 foot tower. It was pretty cool, the kids were very excited and nervous about the challenge but they did awesome, especially with the encouragement aspect. I was impressed. So while they were busy climbing, holding ropes, and such, I drew a couple of the students climbing up.

After that I went down to the lake and hung out with the kids who were busy collecting lake water with turkey basters...and then off to a group attempting (without much success) an activity at the low ropes course. It was cold and windy, about 58 degrees and just as I left to head back to school for my afternoon classes, it started to sprinkle. Regardless of the weather, I enjoyed myself...enjoyed being outside instead of in my classroom, enjoyed being with the kids in a different environment and enjoyed drawing my first drawing in my new moleskine. On the way home today, I stopped and bought a couple of new pens...a brush pen and a .01 archival pen, and 2 shades of cool gray prismacolor markers, for adding some shading to my drawings. Unfortuneately, I did not consider the possibility of those prismacolor markers bleeding through to the other side of my drawing, and I kind of ruined the nice drawing I did of the kids on the tower...Oh well...that's how you learn NOT to make that mistake again.


Blogger chillies and chocolate said...

Hi Julie,

I found your blog through Blogs Illustrated and I love it! Your drawings are wonderful, and I'm looking forward to seeing more of them.

3:49 PM  

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