July 03, 2006

My Latest Project

Back in February, my husband decided to put together a sideshow. He is booked for three fairs: Jackson, Ionia and Midland. His show is the Giant Octopus. You are probably thinking this is a little strange. Well, see Sam has dreamed of owning a sideshow his whole live, growing up on the carnival (his dad owned rides) he was around all that carnie stuff a lot. He was always fascinated by the illlusions and the freaks of the sideshows. As a kid he built a few illusions himself.
Here is the link to his site...you can check out the progress there.
I am painting on aluminum. The show front is 24 by about 11 feet. I have never painted this big of a painting before and I have never worked with this oil-based enamel paint on aluminum before, so I am learning as I go. It's going very slow. But I hope this week I will get some larger chunks of time and make more progress. Today I finished the suit of the diver and the rest of the bottom half of the treasure chest.
Tomorrow, my goals are:
1. to finish the treasure chest
2. finish the diver
3. start on some of the seaweed
4. touch up the letters
I have about 5 hours in the morning and probably around 4 or so in the evening...so we'll see.
I will post pictures of my progress each day.


Blogger inki said...

wow Julie..this is quite an undertaking! You are doing a great job painting! Keep us posted on the progress, this is very interesting! We know a carney now! ;)

2:06 PM  
Anonymous deb, from class said...

too cool julie...can't wait to see it at the fair!!!!!!

10:27 PM  
Blogger pedalpower said...

How's the sideshow coming? Have you done any fairs yet?

8:49 PM  

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