July 25, 2005

Another Week Gone.

I did this drawing last week during my drawing class while we were outside drawing landscapes. I don't really do landscapes. In fact, looking through old sketchbooks, I couldn't even find any. This is just a pencil sketch, which doesn't tend to scan so well-sorry.
I have been a bit busy. Last week I crammed in a 3 credit graduate course on Multiple Intelligences. I have to take these classes to keep my teaching certificate and it's been a couple of years since I've taken a class. This was a fun class. It was a Kagan workshop, but the credits are granted through Spring Arbor University. Anyway, it was fun, but a lot of information to process. For my final project I wrote and illustrated a children's story on the multiple intelligences...I "published" it in a book that I bound myself. My instructor read it to everyone and wanted to take it and send it to Spencer Kagan for him to consider for publishing. I hadn't really thought about doing anything like that, but anyway, I sent it along with her and she is going to update me on the progress with it. I don't know what will become of it. I know this is not normally the way you get stuff published and wasn't sure about letting it go...you know, I just wonder if I ever will get it back. I also am kind of excited about the possibility...but it may be a really long time before I find anything out.
There's only like four or five weeks till I go back to school...I haven't even started my piece for the alumni art show at SAU. The summer is going by way too fast!


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