November 11, 2004


Sorry to all of you who like to check my blog daily...I have been way too busy...something to go to every night and exhausted when I get home. I plan to post soon in response to the comment on the previous post.
But until then, thought I would give you something to consider. I found out about Sketchcrawl through Danny Gregory's site. So I am organizing the event in our small city of Jackson, Michigan. We are planning to meet at 1:00 at the Clock Tower and then "crawl" around town and draw everything we can. I hope that we can meet up later in the day at a local restaurant and share our drawings. Anyway, if you live near here, you should consider joining us on November 21st. If not, why not get a group of artists to Sketchcrawl in your city?


Blogger Ralph Ivy said...

I am not familiar with Sketchcrawl. A local event? A net event? I've seen it mentioned on 2 or 3 sites. I like your own sketch notice here. Neat. I'm a drawer and I relate.

I am new to Blogs Illustrated and I am touring the other sites. I was unaware of so much going on. A good feeling to encounter so many. Good work.


7:37 PM  

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