October 20, 2004

Value painting

This is an example I whipped up for a project I am attempting with my 5th graders...I honestly don't know if they will be able to handle it...but maybe, because it is basically like paint by number...only there are no numbers just different values. The students are taking a photo of themselves which has been altered in photoshop (poster edges) and printed out, and tracing the contours on the image onto paper using carbon paper to transfer. They will be doing a value scale with a color before this with at least 10 steps (different values)...then they will begin with the lightest value - white and the darkest value - the color...and filling in all those areas and so on until it is completed. Even though there is not a lot of creativity in this project, I am tying it in to Andy Warhol and pop art as well as teaching them some skills with values and painting, and I think the end product is pretty rewarding. I must say though, this scan doesn't do it justice...it really looks much better in person. I also chose a color of paint (tempera) that happened to be slightly transparent which affected the darker values...but I am glad I discovered it, because I won't let my students use this color for their projects.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is fabulous Julie, I love this Idea. I bet your students will love doing it.

11:43 PM  
Blogger Braidwood said...

I love that.

5:01 PM  

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