May 05, 2008

Max's Blue Book

Well, I didn't draw today...or yesterday. But tonight, Max and I made a book. Max has been having some difficulties learning some of his sight words, particularly his color words. I really want him to be able to get them learned before the end of I have made up some flash cards and found some good worksheets for practice online. I really want his practice and learning to be meaningful to him, so I thought of making a book together. We decided on a color (blue) and went on a treasure hunt with the camera searching for blue things. He said the words, and I wrote them in later. This is the book we made. We plan to make one for all the colors. Our first book is called Blue. I want to get it printed, laminated and spiral bound.

You can click on the title to see it. I will probably make a couple of changes...Sam said I shouldn't have the text in Comic Sans...he just showed me funny, but it really probably is the most over-used font, so I will probably change it.


Blogger Sara Luke said...

This is so great! Have you done any other colors?

8:36 AM  

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