December 01, 2005

Blind Contour Friday #18 - Our Kirby

I did this blind contour drawing of our Kirby. A salesman came to our house, and we ended up buying it for WAY too much money. But we've had it for almost 11 years, and it still runs good. So I guess it was almost worth it. I would hate to see inside the bag, we vacuum so much stuff up, it's rediculous! Ya know how they say change the bag every month...well, ours gets full before 30 days are up! Let's see, some of the most common contents of the vacuum cleaner bag are Goldfish crackers, Polly Pocket shoes, Hair ties, ok, hair, crumbs from cereal, peas, corn (why do the vegetables always end up on the floor - maybe I should be watching my kids more closely at meals!), pieces of paper, those plastic ties from kid's toys (man, I hate those things - they are such a pain), pennies, dead ants, broken glass from lightbulbs and ornaments, plastic beans (from the Don't Spill the Beans game), and probably a lot more things I can't think of right now!

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Blogger inki said...

hehhe..I had to buy a new vaccuum last week, mine looked like your drawing. ; )
Nice colors!

8:02 AM  
Blogger Sparky said...

Polly Pocket shoes! I know all about those. Have stepped on a few barefoot.

9:33 AM  
Blogger James Culleton said...

wow, great vacuum!

12:01 PM  
Anonymous niff said...

very awesome! best vacuum i have ever seen. LOVE your color and texture use.

1:12 PM  

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