October 07, 2005

My Baby (husband) Is Back!

This is the first of many little treasures that Sam brought back from Indonesia. And I love it because it is so personal. While he was staying in Wamena, they went to the market where he saw this guy set up in a tiny little booth about 3'x3' where he handcarved stamps and sold watches. This guy must have been very experienced...I mean look at the image it stamps. It is so crisp...and the letters are so tiny! The flower is native to indonesia, but we aren't sure what kind it is. I love this and can think of a million uses for it. What a great gift. I would've never thought of it! There are many more fascinating treasures, which I am sure will be the subject of many future posts. Sam brought back a bunch of fantastic necklaces, too. He will be selling them through ebay. You're gonna want one! I'll post the link when he gets it up there.


Blogger Cin said...

a wonderful gift! like your drawing of it, nice!

9:15 PM  
Blogger inki said...

SO glad he made it home safely Julie. NICE gift, can't wait to see how you DRAW them too!

10:59 PM  
Anonymous evy said...

Cin and Dede have said it. I second them too. The stamp is a wonderful gift and I like the simple design too.

6:02 AM  

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