October 24, 2005

Fall Colors

Wow! I am so loving the colors of the leaves. This week they are especially beautiful. I can't resist picking them up and tucking them in between the pages of my journal. Today, while my students were working with liquid watercolors, I did some wet-on-wet atc sized paintings of just color. Later when they dried, I drew leaves (we have quite a collection in the classroom since we are doing a fall leaf project) and cut them to the right size. They aren't for a particular swap. Anyone want to do a trade? Let me know your email and we can work out the details.


Anonymous Sue said...

I just love the leaves too. Went on a color tour today. I love the way that you did these leaves. I have so got to get going on ATCs. I think I have a beautiful trade though already. Thanks. I could always do another...

2:26 AM  
Blogger inki said...

Since I already did a fall leaf trade with you Julie, I can't be selfish..but these are BEAUTIFUL!
We will definatly need to do a spring nature trade!

9:00 AM  
Blogger Julie said...

Definitely, Dede, we will have to do the spring trade, too. :)

12:29 PM  

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