April 05, 2006

Experimenting with UTEE

I was at my mom & dad's with the kids the past few days. My sister and her kids came too and we had a great time together. Mom and I really enjoyed working on ATCs and playing with all her stuff. We decided to try a couple of techniques from her new book. We tried the Monet impressionist texture first. You use watercolor crayons on glossy cardstock and you use a technique with a water brush. It really did turn out like impressionist painting...I think it would look great for a background. We also tried some shaving cream marbeling too. I have done that before with my kids at school. I played around some more with the crayons and my water brush and painted some swirls, green and blue on the glossy cardstock. It then spritzed it with water and the colors ran together. After they dried, I began stamping images in a collage kind of way. My mom has these Italian stamps from Stampin' Up that I absolutely love. I used one and then I used some other stamps that she had for the rest of the images. I used Teal and 2 different shades of green ink. Once I was satisfied with the look of the collage stamped images, I dried it and then embossed it with 2 layers of UTEE. (We both had recently bought some and neither of us had tried it out yet.) In the second layer, while it was still warm, I stamped a Fleur d' Lis into the surface. I then used some gold metallic rub on stuff and rubbed it over the raised area of the stamp. To finish it, I edged the card with a gold paint pen. I love the way the UTEE looks on the card. It really finishes it off nicely. It is hard to tell from a scan, I think.


Blogger inki said...

Yummy colors, Julie, and I love the close gold edges. Nice, :)

8:04 AM  
Blogger Kristina said...

Julie ~

Thanks for sharing - your ATC is beautiful! I've never tried UTEE but have been so interested in it and your little instructional makes me think "I can do this!"

8:27 AM  
Blogger bettybetty said...


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