March 18, 2006

Saturday...I'm lovin' it!

Today I had my drawing lesson with Jodie. She wanted to work on learning how to shade and make things look 3-d. So we worked on this teapot that she did a contour drawing of last week. She is so incredible! I can't believe how fast she picks stuff up. This is her drawing...and I will remind you that she is 10! I am very proud of her. It is so much fun to invest into a kid who is so eager to learn. I am loving it! While she was drawing, I grabbed my watercolor crayons and sketched this out on tracing paper. When I scanned it, I put some scrapbook paper I have with handwriting behind it...I think it looks cool. The teapot is silver, I used my imagination a bit with the colors. It love using color this way. Today, I am taking a nap, working on ATCs, and housecleaning. Later on tonight Sam is going out with the fellas and me and the kids are going to go shopping for Sam's birthday tomorrow.


Blogger inki said...

Wow Julie, your student is very gifted! I like how you added color too. (Happy Birthday Sam!)

3:56 PM  

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