February 22, 2006

My Little 6 year old Artist

As a proud mommy, I just have to share a couple of drawings that Savannah did the other day. They were actually pages from a book that she made which she titled "I lic to pla frind rit now." Of course the book had nothing to do with friends, but that is the mind of a 6 year old. She made these 2 pages...wrote the word (her spelling by sounding out the words) and drew the pictures. (I colored them a bit in photoshop) What I am amazed at is that she doesn't seem to draw like a typical kid her age. That is, I have taught drawing classes and we always talk about how children learn to draw symbols to represent images rather than what something really look likes. For example, I am having my third graders do a Georgia O'Keeffe project - a flower in pastel. Even though I presented images of all different kinds of flowers for them to draw from, they almost all drew the same kind of flower. Not any one of the flowers that I had images of, but one from their recollection of what a flower is, a symbol of a flower. But Savannah...she sits down in front of something and draws it. Sure it's primitave, and hurried (like a kid), but there are details in there that I am positive if I asked one of my kids at school to come and draw my couch that they would miss. Like the upholstery tacks that line the edge...the fact that it has 3 cushions, and that she captured the curve, even if it's not quite correct, of the couch. And then there's the TV. She had to draw Karson's favorite...Po. But would you have expected to see the joystick for the gamebox, the speaker and a remote on top of the TV, let alone all the buttons. Maybe I am a little biased here...looking for a spark of talent in my kid. But I see it. Am I totally off base here?


Anonymous Sue said...

This is proud Grammy saying you have a right to be proud. She is really picking up the detail that most kids miss. I got to think that she must be watching you out of the corner of her eye, and maybe watching me too as we sooooo enjoy art. Great job Savannah. Great job mommy.

3:22 PM  
Blogger Linda said...

You're totally ON base! Tell Savannah that she is a fantastic young artist, and I look forward to seeing more of her work!

6:13 PM  
Anonymous Hanna said...

the sofa is amazing, and yes, I belive you, she must be an artist allready, hope she sticks to it!

great post! :-)

3:10 AM  

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