February 10, 2005

Julia's Painting

Tonight I took my class into the gallery at the museum to draw. There were two exhibits. A wonderful bronze exhibit and the Jackson Area Art Show. My friend Julia has her painting in the show. She won a merit award! We are all very proud of her. Tonight I drew her painting. I was impressed with the composition, the perspective, and her use of color. She is so creative in her work and loves to do these great closeups from unusual angles. I had fun copying her painting, titled "Jena and Mickey" into my sketchbook. It really is a fabulous work...and really, this drawing does not even come close to representing its greatness!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This reminds me of Prince, the kitty we had when you were in Jr. high. Kittys are nice to hug and suddenly all your troubles
flee away. They are facinating to watch as they play and enjoy batting pieces of paper on a string.

10:57 AM  
Anonymous Julia said...

I am soooooo honored that you posted this drawing of my painting! Thanks for your sweet comments! Julia

8:56 AM  

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