January 26, 2005

Mrs. Doubtfire?

O.K. This was the weirdest thing! Last night I was fixing dinner...I don't even know how this happened. But I had just pushed the pot of boiling noodles back off the burner a bit, because it was hanging too far over the edge...and since my kids kept coming in trying to help, that made me a little nervous. So just after I did that, I smelled something and looked down to see my sweater totally in flames...down my sleeves and across the front of my sweater. I tried to pat them out, a couple of times they would start back up again...and then finally it was out. I whipped off my sweater in a panic and checked to make sure there were no more flames. I am sure this all happened in a matter of seconds. I wasn't hurt...but it did freak me out. I don't know why my sweater caught fire...maybe a static spark ignited it when I got close to the gas burner...maybe it was the hairspray that had fallen down onto my clothes when I did my hair that morning...I had no idea that something like that could happen...just so you know...I did not stick my arm or anything into the flames. It was just really weird. Sam said I had to do an illusration of this. Although the image in my mind doesn't quite match the picture as I really was moving fast, trying to put the fire out...but my eyes probably were that big and I tried to draw a distressed look on my face...because I really was, and for an instant all I could think of was my kids and what if I couldn't get the fire out! Yes, I had to throw the sweater out...it smelled nasty and had big burn marks on it.

Oh and the backsplash behind the counter in blue and green glass tile mosaic is not really there...but I wish it was.


Blogger Dawn said...

Yikes! Great drawing and scary story. I caught the back of my sweater on fire in a real similar manner years ago, only I panicked and ran. My husband said, "Drop and roll!" and I did. When I laid down on my back the flames were smothered and went out. Scared the daylights out of me. When I took off across the room the flames hadd fanned and got bigger. I am a big proponant of teaching kids to drop and roll.

I loved the backsplash!

9:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee Whiz, I hope you are ok...
still love your work
brilliant blarneybytes, patty

4:58 PM  

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