May 23, 2004

No Power

I am still writing by candlelight tonight…our power has not been restored. We sent all our frozen food to the Archer’s on Saturday. I threw out the rest of the stuff in our refrigerator tonight. That was depressing. It looks like we may get power tomorrow. Four houses south of us got theirs back tonight. The trucks were here working until dark.
Tonight I went to Meijers to get some food for the kids to have tomorrow with Jasmin and to get batteries for our flashlight, which is growing dimmer by the minute. Can you believe Meijers was sold out of D batteries on last night?!
I talked to Julia at church today about our illustrated journaling class. Since we are running another session for the summer, I thought she might like to join up. She always is saying how we should get together and do art…well, this is a great opportunity! I hope she decides to take it with me. I was kind of bummed that class was canceled yesterday. Maybe we can make it up.


Blogger MOM said...

Capturing a moment of stress and emergency is hard to do on paper or film but you did a good job of relating the situation and turned it into fun and creativity. I know the kids loved it and will remember a storm not as something to be feared but something you can get through with confidence and patience.

4:32 PM  

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