May 21, 2004

The Big Storm

A huge storm came through Jackson today. It did a lot of damage. As I drove home on Friday, I began to feel a bit like a lab rat in a maze. I could not get to my street from any direction. People were everywhere, staring in amazement as they were returning from work only to find homes damaged and roads blocked by huge trees and fallen power lines. They were walking around with cameras and video cameras. You couldn’t drive anywhere. I had to park two blocks away and walk to my house. I saw kids picking up branches and pretend sword fighting with them. I noticed neighbors talking to each other who never exchange words as noisy helicopters were flying over our heads.


Blogger MOM said...

This drawing made me realize the power of wind and the forces of nature. It captures a feeling also that you wrote about, the maze. If I were putting my feelings down, I might of said, I was amazed and aprehensive when I couldn't get to my home, I would not have thought of a mouse in a maze, but it absolutely says it all. I am not sure which I enjoy the most the art or the journaling, but I don't have to choose, just enjoy.

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