April 17, 2004


This is what I chose to do after our class on lettering. It is the cover page of my journal.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am really impressed by your journal. Of course I have always thought you would go far with your art. Thanks for sharing your impressions of life through your art and your journaling.

Did you remember what you wrote for your Art statement at Spring Arbor for your Senior Art exhibit? Well here it is....
Art is valued differently by everyone. No two persons view a certain piece in the same way. This is because of the individuality which God has given each of us. Not only is this true in how we observe art, but as an artist. I have realized that this is true in how we create art. No one else sees things the exact way that I do. In the works that you see here, I hope that you will begin to understand the way that I see the people and the objects that I have represented in my drawings and paintings.

I believe that there is so much more to see than what we can merely see with our eyes. It's so easy to take for granted what we see in nature but when you start to think about the awesome amount of creativity that there is in a tree for example, or in the way that each of us is uniquely different. Those are the things I strive to represent in my work. In the drawings of my Grandmother, I want to show more than what she looked like...I wanted to show you who she was. I want you to see her love, her strength, her beauty and everything she meant to me as you look into the drawing.

It is my wish that you, whether you are "artistically talented" or not, will be able to understand how I create and see the things around me. And that you will begin to notice the beauty and creativity around you, that is so often forgotten.

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