January 26, 2008

random thoughts

I know it's been a while since I posted anything. I went back to work on the 7th and it seems like since then I have had no time to blog or anything. I still don't have a drawing to post, though I did work in my altered book this week. Maybe I will post that later.

Last Sunday, we had our kids, all four of them dedicated to God. My mom and Dad came, as well as Sam's mom and our nanny, Jasmin. My sister's family was there,too - they attend our church, and my brother-in-law had come all the way back from spending the night with his dad who is in the hospital. It was great to have so much of our family there to celebrate the day with us. My dad said the best part of the whole thing was when, for just a couple of seconds, Max, Savannah and Karson all hugged together when it was all over. Our friend, Jason, happened to catch that precious moment with our camera...so here it is, Dad.

Also, we went to Cracker Barrel last night. We only had Karson & baby Jasmin with us. Savannah was at a slumber party and Max spent the night with his cousins. We found the coolest plate there. An egg plate shaped like an artist's palette. I told Sam it was perfect for me, he agreed and we bought it and brought it home with us. Isn't it cool? Doesn't look too bad with our colorful Fiestaware either.


Blogger Pastor Chuck and Sue said...

Julie, We just love this picture! It captures the whole essence of what parenting is all about. Celebration of family and supporting each other in life's events and relationships. Thanks for sharing it. Tell Jason thanks for capturing the day on camera. That plate is pretty cool too. Gotta love how God drops these little surprises in our everyday living to affirm, "you are doing a great job." As Grandpa Van Fleet would say "Keep up the Good Work." Love MOM and DAD

9:24 PM  
Blogger Maria Wilson said...

Love the picture!

11:33 PM  

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