May 21, 2005


We had THE best day for Sketchcrawl here in Michigan...I met my friends Mary and Julia downtown and we drew for just 2 hours...all of us had other stuff going on today, but I am glad I could get 2 hours today to get some drawing done. It was a lot of fun. I hope someday I can actually do the all day sketchcrawl...that would be really challenging, I think. Did any of the rest of you do sketchcrawl today? How did it go? Post your link in the comments. I'd love to see what you all drew.


Blogger Robyn said...

You seem to have achieved a great deal in 2 small hours, Julie. You were lucky to have some friends to enjoy the day with. Thanks for sharing.

Sketchcrawl #3

3:51 AM  
Blogger Linda said...

Julie, you really are an amazing artist! You've captured all of this so well.

10:24 PM  
Anonymous Laura said...

What a great day and what charming drawings!

6:10 AM  
Blogger Cin said...

like this, sketchcrawl sounds like fun .

9:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Julie your sketchcrawl sounds fun!

Mine was a bit more slow as I had a migraine but still good in that I tried coloured pencils and loved them!


10:21 AM  
Blogger Jason said...

Julie - Stumbled across you blog, loving the sketches. This one in particular has a great feel to it, love the lettering. Keep it coming.

10:09 AM  

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