April 24, 2005


I hopped on over to sketchcrawl.com this evening to see if any world wide sketchcrawls are planned for the near future. Glad I did, because the 3rd WWSketchcrawl will be on Saturday May 21st. I am going to try (again) to organize a group to draw in Jackson. The last one I tried to organize was in November and it was pretty cold then so I am glad that enrico chose May 21st this time. If you have never heard of sketchcrawl check it out here and below are some links to some people who have posted their drawings from their sketchcrawl adventures.
Karen Winter's Sketchcrawl 2 pages
Danny Gregory's Sketchcrawl 1 pages
Sketchcrawl adventures posted by Ronnie


Blogger Cin said...

thanks for the reminder, I keep forgetting about this !

6:07 PM  
Blogger Carolyn said...

Julie, I stumbled on your site and had to let you know that I really enjoyed visiting it. I especially love your "Happy Birthday" entry. I loved what you wrote, you really have a way with writing and articulating as well as drawing. Your analogy of the "box" was something I can totally relate to.
Keep it up. I look forward to visiting your site.

10:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so glad i visited, i did not know!
-patty, edm group

3:14 PM  

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